1. What is Healthier Choice Logo Malaysia?

The Healthier Choices Logo (HCL) is an initiative introduced by the Ministry of Health in April 2017. HCL is a criteria-based front-of-pack scheme that is intended to provide point-of-sale information to the consumers in making informed food choices by merely looking at the front of the food packages. The objectives of HCL are included:
i. To assist consumers in making informed food choices by merely looking at the front label of the food packages.
ii. To help consumers identify healthier food products in the same category of food.
iii.To encourage food and beverage industries to reformulate and produce healthier products.
iv. To provide an environment that supports healthy eating practices
Packaged foods and beverages can be awarded the HCL Logo if they meet the nutrient criteria specified by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

2. What are the criteria to get the logo?

Please refer to the nutrient criteria tab for more information.

3. Who can apply?

Eligible companies that are registered with the Registrar of Companies are eligible to apply for HCL certificate.

4. How to apply/ participate?

To apply HCL Malaysia:
• Please ensure your products are complied with all the provisions and requirements under Guidelines on Healthier Choice Logo Malaysia.
• Complete the application by fill in all the necessary information and documents into the HCL online system.
• Ensure all the submitted artworks and labels are complied with the requirements/ standards under the context of the Food Act 1983 and Food Regulation 1985 and HCL certification conditions.

5. How long does it take for the approval?

The HCL approval process is within within two (2) to four (4) weeks after the receiving date of the complete application documents.

6. How much is the fee?

Currently, there is no fee imposed for the HCL authentication.

7. How long do you recognize the certificate?

Certification is subjected to renewal every two (2) years. The certification will be terminated immediately if the company fails to renew their certificate.